Online retailer Zappos recently adopted a system of self-governance that effectively eliminates all management positions. Everyone reportedly has equal say in the company, and employees are evaluated and rewarded by peers, instead of a boss. In last week's poll, we asked if you think this is a good business idea.
Most respondents (~43%) said "No," while approximately 21% replied "Yes." About 36% said "Maybe." 
One participant commented, "There are not enough 'self-starters' to make this business idea work. The Chicago and Northwestern, for example, tried something similar and went bankrupt." 
Another said, "It would depend on the products and the company 'culture.'  It might work for an online retail company, but I can't see it working in a manufacturing plant.  I do like the idea of peer reviews."
Another respondent said, "Absolutely it's a good idea. Management is soon to be a thing of the past."
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