NGO Healthy Buildings Network (HBN) has recently taken chemicals in carpets under scrutiny, with calling for a "fundamental transformation" of the industry for recycling. Its recent report uncovered 44 toxic substances found in fiber, backing, adhesives and carpet pad. Because of its complicated structure, carpet is difficult to recycle without reintroducing these toxic substances however,  Interface, a designer and maker of carpet tiles has committed to a ‘Mission Zero’ target of having no negative environmental impact by 2020. This mission includes removing known harmful materials from its products. The strategy is to prevent the toxic chemicals from ever entering the recycling stream through strict control and testing.

Through the years the company has reportedly eliminated formaldehyde, phthalates and heavy metals globally, and fluorocarbon stain repellents have also been removed from its products everywhere other than the Asia-Pacific region, where they are now being phased out. The company uses green chemistry principles using safer chemicals in products and processes.

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