WACKER has developed two new hydrophobic dispersions that improve crack bridging in water-repellent sealing slurries for building waterproofing. VINNAPAS® 754 ED is an additive for cementitious two-component sealing slurries that helps the slurries retain their ability to bridge cracks even at temperatures down to -5 °C. VINNAPAS 764 ED makes this possible down to -20 °C.

VINNAPAS 764 ED meets the requirements of class O2 of the EN 14 891 standard, which stipulates flexibility and crack-bridging ability down to -20 °C. The temperature at which the material becomes rigid is even around 30 °C. At -5 °C, VINNAPAS 754 ED offers sufficient flexibility and crack-bridging ability. It therefore meets the requirements of class O1 of the standard. The product also has a lower viscosity. As a result, two-component cementitious sealing slurries can be processed even more easily with this product.

Both products are terpolymers based on vinyl acetate, ethylene, and vinyl ester that do not require any additional solvents, plasticizers, or film binding agents. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), they are therefore suitable for contact with drinking water. VINNAPAS 754 ED and VINNAPAS 764 ED are ideal for formulating two-component waterproofing slurries, for example to seal swimming pools, basements, and bathrooms, as well as water tanks, canals, and tunnels.

For more information, visit: https://www.wacker.com/.