H.B. Fuller will join INDEX™23 in Geneva from April 18-21, 2023. The adhesives provider will present the three foundation pillars of its new “Grow in the Now” vision for hygiene manufacturers. The company says its new vision is driven by a strong commitment to collaborate with customers, innovate, and advance H.B. Fuller’s sustainable solutions for the hygiene and nonwovens industry as a whole. The specialty hygiene adhesives team will highlight its wide range of innovative technologies and applications, underpinned by H.B. Fuller’s “Grow in the Now” philosophy.

At INDEX23, the company will officially launch a Virtual Hygiene Technical Center. This new interactive solution brings the experience of H.B. Fuller’s full technical expertise and capabilities to customers, anytime and anywhere, at an advanced level. Expectations are high surrounding the unveiling of the new tool and customers and business partners will take part in this digitized collaboration.

At this exhibit, manufacturers will have the opportunity to learn about the company’s adhesives portfolio. As products and processes change to meet ever-evolving market demands and unique application needs, on-site experts will showcase how they are reimagining solutions for the industry, providing an opportunity for customers to draw on their extensive experience to discover the best solutions for their specifications.

At INDEX™23, Erin Pavlacky, global R&D technical director at H.B. Fuller, will give a presentation that focuses on what is driving the sustainability megatrend, how this is leading disposable hygiene product manufacturers to look for further developments in biomaterials and new sustainable designs with less environmental impact, and what the latest adhesive innovations used in hygiene articles. Titled "H.B. Fuller Takes Innovation to the Next Level with a Whole Portfolio of Adhesives from Renewable Feedstocks," the session will take place on April 18.

“As a market leader in hygiene adhesives, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting industry,” said Larissa Janka, business director, hygiene, H.B. Fuller Europe. “INDEX23 gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with our customers and partners about needs and innovations across the hygiene supply chain. In addition to our innovative portfolio, H.B. Fuller will also unveil a new technical digital solution and showcase high-specification applications that enable the production of smarter personal care articles.”

For more information, visit: https://www.hbfuller.com/.