Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd. presented technical talks on four innovative coating solutions at the 2023 European Coatings Show (ECS) in Nuremberg, Germany. The sustainable development of these solutions helps to advance the coating industry’s ambitious environmental goals, and demonstrates Wanhua Chemical’s commitment to green chemical processes, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and/or the incorporation of recycled and bio-based materials.

Since opening up the coatings business in 2013, Wanhua Chemical has continually developed new products to meet changing industry needs. These initiatives include actively promoting the conversion of traditional oil-based coatings to water-based formulations and developing bio-based products, while helping customers improve production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“We are supporting the coating industry’s sustainability trend by proactively developing new or enhanced products with a low carbon footprint,” said Weiqi Hua, Ph.D., executive vice president, Wanhua Chemical. “Our experts work with downstream customers to formulate solutions that reduce environmental impacts while delivering high performance. By leveraging the breadth and depth of our portfolio and our full supply chain, we can help customers achieve their objectives – even in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and strong competitive pressures.”

At the ECS, Wanhua Chemical featured Wanamine® H12MDA cycloaliphatic diamine for waterborne systems: This workhorse product has been successfully adapted for first-time use in water-based epoxy coatings. It can extend the coating life cycle by more than 20%, even when exposed to VHD batch ovens, and it exhibits enhanced resistance to solvents such as ketones and organic acids.

Meng Zhou, senior technical service manager, Performance Chemicals BU at Wanhua Chemical outlined the benefits of H12MDA in a presentation titled “New Material, New Revolution, New Chance - H12MDA's Overall Solution for Epoxy Coatings.”

Eric Oude Spraakste, European technical service manager, Performance Chemicals BU, gave a presentation on waterborne coatings for polyurethane (PU) flooring, titled “Wanhua Low VOC 2K WB PU Flooring Coatings.” Marketed under the Archsol® and Aquolin® brands, this new two-component solution provides excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, wear and weathering, while greatly reducing VOC content. They offer a sustainable alternative to solvent-based PU coatings.

Daniel Hao, R&D director, Surface Materials BU, at Wanhua presented the latest development for waterborne wood exterior coatings. High-end, soap-free Lacper® 4572 polyacrylic coating features low VOC. It complies with relevant EU KOMO test standards and provides extended protection for wood in outdoor environments. With a clear appearance and small particle size, this coating showcases the natural texture of wood.

Tao Yu, global R&D director, Performance Chemicals BU at Wanhua outlined the benefits of innovative aliphatic crosslinkers for PU coatings. Developed for two-component PU coatings, the Wannate® HT Series crosslinkers can reduce the viscosity of the coating system while retaining excellent performance, including chemical and scratch resistance.

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