Daihachi Chemical Co. Ltd., a global manufacturer of phosphate ester flame retardants with headquarters in Japan, is offering PX-200 for adhesive applications. PX-200 is an excellent solution for flame retardancy of hot melt adhesives. It is a halogen-free and TPP-free flame retardant with a low melting point (92 ˚C min) suitable for all types of hot melt adhesives, especially HMPUR (reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives) and HMPSA (hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives). In the 120 °C or so temperature range required for hot melt, PX-200 melts and becomes like water, thus having high dispersibility.

PX-200 does not require high dosages like hydrated metals, so formulators will no longer have to worry about the degradation of the adhesive's physical properties by adding flame retardants. It is possible to achieve V-0 at about 20%, and depending on the formula, it may be possible to reduce it even more.

Although it is most recommended for use with HMPUR, PX-200 has also been used with CoPES (co-polyester) hot melt adhesives and PA (polyamide) hot melt adhesives with V-0 results. Based on these results, Daihachi Chemical believes that PX-200 may be able to achieve a certain level of flame retardancy with EVA and styrene (SBS, SEBS, etc.) based hot melt.

PX-200 is a condensed phosphate ester, and its granular form makes it less likely to scatter, and unlike BDP (bisphenol A bis(diphenyl phosphate)) and RDP (resorcinol bis(diphenyl phosphate)), it is completely TPP-free. This feature contributes not only to environmental friendliness but also to improved heat resistance. And it is halogen-free.

Daihachi Chemical will provide samples upon request. Send inquiries to inquiry-s@daihachi-chem.co.jp or through the Contact Us page on the company’s website.

Learn more at https://flame-retardants.jp/products/px-200/ and www.daihachi-chem.co.jp/eng.