The FLEXcon® L-59FR series flame-retardant adhesive portfolio, featuring a self-extinguishing, non-halogenated flame-retardant adhesive, has been expanded to include both 2 mil and 4 mil adhesive coat weights as either a transfer tape or coated film. The company reports that all products now meet UL 94 flammability standards. Testing has been expanded on the 2 mil products to comply with components of Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853, Appendix F, for vertical 12-sec and 60-sec burn, heat release, and smoke density. In addition, coated films meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 for a range of automotive applications.

“The expansion of aviation testing enables our adhesive products to be fit for use in a wider range of aerospace applications, including assembly of interior structures like wall panels and ceiling panels, which are commonly updated in the aircraft during the standard retrofit process every 5 to 7 years,” said Jordan Smith, manager of Marketing and Product Management. “All products, including high and low adhesive thickness, boast the highest UL 94 vertical burn rating of V-0, which is superior to competitive products in the industry. Converters and OEMs now have another adhesive choice that offers superior quality and performance to products available today.”

The FLEXcon L-59FR series high-tack and high-shear adhesive reportedly provides excellent adhesion to polypropylene, stainless steel, polyethylene, acrylic, and glass surfaces within aircrafts and motor vehicles. This self-extinguishing, non-halogenated adhesive is available in nine standard constructions comprising FLEXmount® transfer tapes and FLEXmark® coated films.

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