FLEXcon Co., Inc. recently announced the introduction of FLEXmount® and FLEXmark® products with V-59FR non-halogenated flame-retardant adhesive for applications in the transportation industry that require flame retardancy. V-59FR is recommended for aerospace applications that include floor coverings, textiles (draperies and upholstery), seat cushions, padding, trays, electrical conduits, air ducting, and cargo covers. The adhesive is also recommended for automotive applications such as seat cushions, seat belts, headlining, convertible tops, armrests, trim panels, compartment shelves, head restraints, floor coverings, sun visors, shades, wheel housing covers, and engine compartment covers.

“FLEXcon worked with a converter involved in the aerospace market that had quality and lead time challenges from another supplier,” said Aaron Elman, application development engineer for FLEXcon. “Through collaboration, FLEXcon developed this new, self-extinguishing adhesive with superior performance that could greatly reduce the risk of a catastrophic event in environments that are susceptible to combustion.”

The new self-extinguishing, non-halogenated adhesive is available on eight standard FLEXmount and FLEXmark products, from transfer tapes, polyester, and polypropylene to polyimide and foil. V-59FR high-tack and high-shear adhesive reportedly provides excellent adhesion to polyester, polypropylene, ABS, stainless steel, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and aluminum surfaces within aircrafts and motor vehicles. 

For more information, including which products meet FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F, Part I (a), I, (ii) Flame-Retardant Requirements for Aerospace and FMVSS 302 Flame Retardant Requirements for Automotive Interiors, visit www.flexcon.com.