3M and HowToRobot announced a collaboration that will help 3M customers find bonding automation solutions through HowToRobot’s market platform that covers over 16,000 robot and automation suppliers. The platform will bring added visibility to 3M-trained automation suppliers as well as connect 3M’s customers to resources to automate their bonding applications.

The demand for automating the application of tapes and adhesives in manufacturing processes is increasing rapidly. Labor shortages, increasing throughput, and the need for improved productivity have all driven this demand. HowToRobot has a global market platform of over 16,000 robot and automation suppliers. This collaboration will help connect 3M customers to the resources need to automate their bonding applications and achieve their production goals.

“We’re excited to work with HowToRobot and their global network of robot and automation suppliers as this will help our customers find a solution that fits their needs,” said Taylor Harper, business development director, 3M’s Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division. “As demand for automating industrial tape and adhesive applications increases, we want to make sure our customers have access to the most relevant options at the right cost.”

By combining 3M’s tape and adhesive expertise with HowToRobot’s platform, customers will have increased access to tape or adhesive automated solutions that match the needs of their business. By providing tailored, competitive offers from automation suppliers, businesses will save time and money in their search for automation solutions.

“We’re happy to work with 3M to help their customers automate their bonding applications,” said Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot. “Our platform helps businesses get a quick overview of relevant solutions and their cost. By featuring 3M Bonding Automation Network members, we are now able to better match buyers with companies that already work with and support the tape and adhesive brand currently used by many businesses.”

To learn more, visit www.3M.com and www.howtorobot.com.