WACKER has completed the capacity expansion for vinyl-acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions and VAE dispersible polymer powders at its site in Nanjing, China. With a new reactor for dispersions and a new spray dryer for dispersible polymer powders, the VAE dispersions project is designed around an advanced dispersion-polymerization process and a safety control system that meets high standards, making the entire process cutting edge in this field. The expansion more than doubles WACKER’s production capacity in Nanjing, enabling it to meet growing customer demand for its binders, particularly from China’s thriving construction industry.

“China is the world’s largest construction market, covering about 20% of global construction expenditure. Our VAE dispersions and dispersible powders enable us to supply the growing construction market in China with binders for various applications such as ceramic tile adhesives, waterproofing membranes, or carpets. This capacity expansion in Nanjing strengthens our position as the global leader for vinyl-acetate-ethylene dispersions and polymer powders,” said Christian Hartel, CEO of Wacker Chemie AG.

Alvin Hu, president of WACKER China, stated that the expansion demonstrated WACKER’s strong focus on the market in China. “The capacity expansion project at the Nanjing site is a milestone for WACKER China. With the expansion, we have at the same time reserved sufficient space for subsequent production lines, allowing for the rapid construction of future expansion projects. It will not only meet increasing customer demand in China, but also provide WACKER with sufficient capacity for its long-term development in the region.”

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