DELO produces industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer, and electronics applications, as well as dispensing and curing equipment. The company’s total sales for its 2022 fiscal year (ended March 31, 2022) reached €204 million (approximately $222 million), a 12% increase over 2021.

For the 2022 fiscal year, DELO reports that Americas’ share of total sales rose to 18%. Asia, the company’s largest market, declined to a 48% share of sales. A further 34% of revenues were recorded in Europe.

At the beginning of May, DELO welcomed its 1,000th employee, and now employs 100 more people than it did a year ago. Additionally, more than 200 jobs are to be created in the current fiscal year DELO reports that it invested roughly 15% of its revenues in R&D last year, as it was the case in 2021. Since high R&D expenditures are part of the company’s strategy and its target is 15%, its R&D spending is expected to remain at roughly 15% in 2023.

Some of the company’s brand include: DELO DUALBOND (dual-curing adhesives and sealants), DELOLUX (UV-curing lamps), and DELO-DOT (jet-dispensing valves).

"The past fiscal year was very successful, but at the same time very challenging," said Dr. Wolf Herold, managing partner at DELO. "While Russia doesn't play a role for us as a market, the war in Ukraine led to sharply rising raw material prices, complicated logistics to Asia and major uncertainties in energy supply."

NOTES: In the last fiscal year, DELO moved into new or enlarged premises in Shenzhen (China), Seoul (South Korea), Boston, and San José, California. In addition, the search is currently underway for a new production site to be built in Southeast Asia. In Windach, construction on a fully automated, 6,000 m² warehouse is set to begin this year.

A particular highlight of 2022 was the market launch of “Activation on the Flow,” a unique process technology that, for the first time, combines adhesive dispensing and preactivation in a single process step. This provides users with new options for designing their products and processes while reducing costs and up to 95% of carbon emissions. It is particularly suitable for bonding and encapsulating temperature-sensitive electronic components and offers an alternative to bonding processes previously used in industry.

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Windach, Germany
Managing Partners: Wolf Herold, Sabine Herold, Karl Bitzer, Christian Walther
Sources: press releases, company website, company contact

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