Toagosei Group’s Adhesive Material segment comprises five main companies: Aron Packaging Co., Ltd.; Toagosei America Inc.; Elmer’s & Toagosei Co.; Toagosei (Zhuhai) Ltd.; and Toagosei Hong Kong Ltd. The segment produces instant adhesives (including the Aron Alpha and Krazy Glue brands), as well as functional adhesives (including reactive, hot-melt, and light-cure products) for applications in automotive, electronics, and other industries.

The Adhesive Material segment saw net sales decrease by 1.8% in 2022 compared to 2021 sales, reaching almost ¥11.13 billion (approximately $84.4 million). The company reported that instant glues for consumers saw a slight decline in sales volumes due to decreased traffic at home improvement stores. Functional adhesives had lower sales volume due to a reduction in smart phone production.

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Tokyo, Japan
President and CEO: Miki Takamura
Sources: annual report, investor presentation, company website, press releases