Russ Snow, W.R. MEADOWS sales manager for Eastern Canada, has been inducted into the College of Fellows through Construction Specifications Canada (CSC). This esteemed recognition, awarded May 25, 2023, highlights Snow’s exceptional contributions and dedication to the field of construction and the CSC community.

Snow has represented W. R. MEADOWS’ interest within CSC for over 25 years. He is an accomplished professional and has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the values of CSC. As the first vice-president, Snow is involved in many facets of CSC. His commitment to CSC stems from a dedication to meeting with individuals in the industry to share his experience and to foster growth in others’ careers, all to improve the construction industry. By being a trusted resource and giving back to CSC, Snow contributes to advancing communication, contract documentation, and technical information within the Canadian construction industry. In May of 2024, Snow will become president of CSC, showcasing his commitment to the industry and organization.

‟I am incredibly honored and extremely appreciative to have been inducted into the College of Fellows. The CSC has continually improved our industry over the years, and I am humbled to be recognized for the part that I have played in the association’s success,” said Snow.

In addition to Snow’s achievements with CSC, he serves as Building Envelope Product group manager and Building Science specialist for W. R. MEADOWS, as well as the regional sales manager for W.R. MEADOWS of CANADA. Snow works closely with the technical department of W. R. MEADOWS, overseeing the building envelope line of products and providing support to all members of the construction industry, including the W. R. MEADOWS sales team, both in Canada and the United States. His other responsibilities include the development of specifications at the architectural/engineering level and the creation of presentations for continuing education programs through AEC Daily, the American Institute of Architects, and various other organizations.

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