Raymond E. Southwell, founder and president of Specialty Polymers, Inc, was recently inducted into Oregon State University College of Engineering's Hall of Fame. Southwell, a chemical engineer and inventor of environmentally friendly, water-based emulsion polymers, was honored for his contributions to the engineering profession and to Oregon State University. "The Hall of Fame is reserved for alumni with truly distinguished careers," said Dr. Chris Bell, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. Fewer than 200 of the College's 27,000 graduates have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, said Bell. Southwell, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the College in 1950, pursued a career as a polymer chemist and inventor, founding his own company in 1969 and developing new technologies for the paint and coatings industry throughout his career. "Ray Southwell is a terrific example of an alum who has had a distinguished career," Bell added. "In Ray's case, he had a dream of what he wanted to do in the polymer business and he accomplished it, even beyond his own expectations. And that's something we encourage all of our students to do - follow their dreams."