At the FEICA 2023 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO, Imerys will be showcasing its latest innovations during a presentation on September 14 at 5 p.m. The presentation will focus on moisture management in sealants as well as Imerys’ comprehensive multi-mineral portfolio for improved performance, sustainability, and cost effectiveness in adhesives and sealants.

Included among the products the company plans to feature at the event are: 

  • Winnofil™ SPT and Socal® U1S2G ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC), which promote rheology adhesion and storage stability in hybrid sealants. Socal U1S2G demonstrates a much lower moisture content than typical PCC grades.
  • Imerys’ full range of sealant additives that improve the mechanical and adhesion properties of primary and secondary insulation glazing units (IGU). These include:
    • The company’s range of engineered talcs that enhance reinforcement, barrier properties and adhesion in polyisobutylene primary double-glazing sealants; and
    • The company's ground and precipitated calcium carbonates, which are ideal for use in high-performance silicone and polyurethane secondary double-glazing sealants where they give the right balance between extrusion rate and mechanical properties and enhance dispersion.
  • Nyglos®, Nyad® and high aspect ratio Aspect® wollastonites, which are excellent solutions for improving the mechanical properties of structural adhesives.
  • Premium ImerSeal™ surface-coated GCC grades that provide ultra-low moisture content and viscosity, good adhesion and elongation at break in roofing adhesives used for EPDM and concrete bonding as well as to hybrid sealants for extra storage ability and low moisture pick-up.
  • Imerys’ portfolio of mineral solutions for reactive adhesives, structural adhesives, and butyl, latex and acrylic sealants that enhance mechanical properties, rheology, shelf-life, and adhesion, making end products last longer, and, in some instances, replacing costly and environmentally harmful chemicals.

Marianna Voulgari, sales director rubber & ACS, Imerys Performance Minerals EMEA, explained, “We are very excited to be joining the FEICA Conference and Expo this year and to showcase a solution that enables cost reduction and lower energy consumption while maintaining high performance. This event is also an excellent opportunity to be closer to our customers working together for the future products and present our main innovations for the industry linked to sustainability and improved properties.”

Imerys is striving to provide solutions that accompany the transition towards a cleaner society by unlocking the sustainable potential of its extensive mineral portfolio to help address the environmental challenges its customers are facing.

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