BYK-Gardner USA announced its new premium line of dry film thickness gauges, the byko-test 9500 series. The new byko-test 9500 replaces the byko-test 8500 series. The 9500 series represents BYK-Gardner’s new premium line of dry-film thickness gauges for measurements on Fe and NFe substrates. Both models come with a detachable probe and a cable for different modes of operation. They have functions to store, archive, and document measured values, pre-configuration, and device settings can be easily changed on a PC using the included software.

The Premium model has the option to create up to 100 jobs in 100 areas each and offers functions to comply with established ISO and SSPC methods. Both instruments have a fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing which is dust-tight and protected against water spray in accordance with IP65. The instruments come with an ISO 17025 certificate.

The byko-test 9500 premium line of dry film thickness gauges was designed specifically to fit customer needs. It is ideal for measurements on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, precise measurements on curvatures and small parts, adjustable for rough or smooth substrates and has a modular design to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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