medmix has launched a new dispenser, which supports quick and easy use of its compact, CO2 saving cartridge system, ecopaCC. Dispensers allow the safe application of adhesives and sealants. Designed to be robust, intuitive, and reusable, these devices are essential for the correct application of two-component materials.

Mark Sargeson, head product manager of dispensers at medmix, said, “We’ve already made progress improving the environmental impact of how two-component materials are packaged thanks to our MIXPAC™ ecopaCC collapsible foil cartridge. While ecopaCC cartridges are compatible with our existing dispensers, we wanted to provide a new applicator that would specifically complement the cartridge system, giving customers the chance to reduce their carbon footprint while promoting ease of use.”

The ecopaCC dispenser is designed for the safe and secure attachment of ecopaCC cartridges, and is available in cordless, pneumatic, and manual models. A slide and rotate barrel design, along with a front plate docking feature, enables quick and easy swapping of cartridges, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. An integrated sleeve means that additional support sleeves are no longer required. In an internal lifecycle assessment conducted by ECODESIGN, the ecopaCC cartridge was proven to provide a 77% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a 600 ml 1:1 polypropylene solid cartridge.

“Businesses in the construction and industrial sectors are looking to attain specific environmental goals, while many are working to local legislation regarding emissions and waste. However, the industry is looking to reduce carbon footprint while safeguarding productivity, and the ecopaCC Dispenser is a good option for achieving this,” said Sargeson.

With the launch of a dedicated dispenser for the ecopaCC cartridge, medmix is giving its customers one fully compatible system to reduce CO2 emissions. 

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