Blue Lake Packaging has launched an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard cellophane tape and plastic tape dispenser. ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser is made from a fusion of wood and cotton fiber and caters to the growing number of shoppers seeking eco-friendly products, especially around the holidays. Eco-friendly wrapping paper has gained traction, but Blue Lake founder, Ying Liu, recognized that even the environmentally conscious tend to rely on tape that contributes to plastic waste.

“My kids and I used to apply the single-use tape and dispenser to crafts, boxes, gift wraps all the time. I got a strong sense of guilt every time I threw away the empty rolls and dispensers,” said Liu, a former Apple executive that worked in Product Operation and Supplier Responsibility. “This project was one of my top passion projects when I started the company.”

ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser is a sustainable solution does not compromise the quality expected from traditional products. Each set includes one reusable dispenser and four rolls of tape wrapped around paper cores, all encased in non-bleached, plastic-free packaging designed to be easily recycled with other paper products. 

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