PPG announced it received its second consecutive Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA), for its high employee engagement and notable workplace experience. This prestigious award annually recognizes high-performing companies that align their business strategies around employees. PPG received this award for embedding involvement and enthusiasm in its workplace culture to improve each stage of the employee life cycle.

“Our employee culture, and alignment with our purpose – We protect and beautify the world® - is something we pride ourselves on at PPG,” said Brenda Broad, PPG global head of talent. “We recognize the value of engaged teams and understand that to generate the most success we must first create a nurturing environment with opportunities for growth and engagement. This award directly reflects the results of the hard work of all of our teams and the important investments PPG has made in our more than 50,000 employees around the world.”

PPG’s grand mean score increased by 10%, from 3.83 in 2019 to 4.22 in 2023. PPG’s score reflects a growth that is 30% higher than the industry average, as shown in the Gallup Manufacturing Workgroup Database.

Gallup defines an exceptional workplace as having a strengths-based, engagement-focused, and performance-oriented culture. It measures company employee engagement with its Q12® Survey, designed from a comprehensive workplace study of 2.7 million workers across 50 industries. The survey asks questions based on employee needs shown to improve productivity. The questions fall into four categories: basic needs, individual contribution, teamwork, and growth.

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