Beyond crafting new, durable mixers, ROSS Mixers also specializes in refurbishing existing equipment and providing customers with the same one-year warranty from the date of shipment as new equipment. Meticulously restored by highly skilled mechanics and engineers, every component of the mixer undergoes thorough inspection, repair, re-polish, and testing, ensuring quality and performance.

The newly reconditioned ROSS DPM-100 Double Planetary Mixer, pictured above, is constructed with stainless steel type 304 components and features a change can design with hydraulic lift, and interchangeable mix cans for semi-continuous operation. This mixer is suitable for mixing under vacuum and is equipped with a touchscreen, variable speed control system. Helical HV blades revolve steadily around the edge of the vessel, pushing materials forward and downward, while rotating on individual axes and guiding the product from the sidewalls to the center. With variable speeds ranging from 6 to 22 rpm for orbital motion and 7 to 28 rpm for stirrer motion, the DPM-100 can be used in a variety of mixing applications, including wet pastes and slurries, dry powders and granulations, and viscous semi-solids such as doughs and gels. Vacuum capability enables this DPM-100 to be used as a vacuum dryer as well.

Companies utilizing ROSS Mixers who seek to refurbish their current equipment can reach out to the Parts & Service Department (via phone at 800/243.7677 or email at to schedule an assessment or to arrange a visit from a ROSS regional sales manager. For inquiries regarding the Buy Back Program, please forward photos of the mixer along with its serial number to

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