CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Maple Shade, N.J., has been creating and manufacturing specialty epoxy resins for almost two decades. CVC has grown from little more than an office and modest laboratory in 1982 to a worldwide specialist in niche epoxies.

The company's mission is to recognize and respond to a diversity of demands in adhesive and coatings formulations for specialty raw materials. It has succeeded by concentrating on epoxies tailored to the needs of these formulators.

Recently, CVC embarked on a $2.5 million expansion program that will increase its specialty-liquid production capabilities. The expansion will increase capacity to triple its present specialty-epoxy production to meet current and future demand for these products in the automotive, packaging and composite industries.

The company began manufacturing epoxies in 1987 with specialty monomers produced at the site of the former CL Industries, Georgetown, Ill. In 1991, CVC expanded its manufacturing base with the acquisition of CL's specialty-epoxy Novolac resin line. In 1995, broader manufacturing and R&D capabilities were made possible by the purchase of the 35,000-square-foot AKZO Chemical plant in Maple Shade, N.J. This facility would serve as the company's corporate headquarters, R&D center and specialty-epoxy plant. A $1.5 million modernization of the facility added smaller-scale reactors for new-product scale-up, accelerating the introduction of over a dozen new epoxy monomers.

In 1997, CVC grew to become the leading U.S. producer of accelerators for curing agents with the acquisition of Omicron Chemical's substituted-urea line. The OMICURE ureas were an important addition to CVC's expanding offering to adhesive and composite producers by making available materials that significantly improved the latency of one-component adhesives, pre-pegs and structural products.

A second plant expansion was completed in 1999, adding new extruder capabilities for a new line of specialty solid epoxies. These resins offered improved handling of difficult epoxy-functional tackifiers and tougheners, while providing significant adhesion improvement for composite and structural products.

New Expansion Adds Capacity and Capabilities

The current expansion adds both capacity and new capabilities for specialty liquid-epoxy production. Addition of twin 4,100-gallon reactors will be added to the current reactor complex to create an integrated batch continuous unit, which will increase capacity to over 8 million pounds of monomer and specialty resins. Included in the expansion will be a new state-of-the-art computer-control system, additional laboratories, offices and warehouse space. Scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2001, the new unit will be among the most modern and efficient epoxy facilities in operation.

CVC currently produces over 60 materials used in products for the adhesives, paint, construction and aerospace industries. It also manufactures bonding and sealing compounds utilized by the electronic and automotive industry. Already a leader and diverse supplier of specialty epoxies worldwide, this expansion will ensure the company's position of innovative product development and manufacturing.

For more information, contact CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc., 2980 Route 73 North, Maple Shade, NJ 08052; call 856-482-0800; fax 856-667-8270; e-mail, or visit Or Circle No. 64