CHICAGO — Two of the world’s largest chemical distributors, Chemcentral, Chicago, and Holland Chemical International NV (HCI), Amsterdam, have announced that they will launch an independent company — Efodia — a new e-business venture designed to create a more efficient, single-source distribution chain for industrial customers, distributors and producers. The marketplace will be operational beginning this fall.

In the near future, the company plans to expand its alliances beyond the chemical industry, targeting other allied industrial and business suppliers such as manufacturers/suppliers of equipment, packaging and other MRO types of suppliers.

“The difference between Efodia and other chemical e-business ventures is that it offers an existing broad product selection, existing logistic capabilities, and respects existing relationships among strategic customers and suppliers,” said David Courtney, chief executive officer for Chemcentral.

Chemcentral and HCI’s top 100 customers spend nearly $1 trillion annually on chemical and non-chemical products in a highly fragmented market. Efodia will provide customers a means to consolidate their purchases through one source.

For more information, visit Efodia’s preliminary informational Web site at