BEIJING – Epoxy resins, one of the basic chemistries in the adhesives industry, have enjoyed broad application growth in China in recent years. These resins, and their applied technologies, have helped to advance the machinery, electric and electronic, transportation, light, and construction industries. This insurgence is primarily the result of the use of epoxy resins in adhesives, coatings, electronics and compound materials.

Over 100 companies produce epoxy resins. The world’s leading manufacturers have paid much attention to the Chinese market, and many have built or made investment plans to build plants in China.

To help promote the development of the epoxy resin industry and its applied technologies, Wells Epoxy Ltd. is co-sponsoring the China International Conference on Epoxy Resin – 2000, which will be held October 24-25, 2000, in Beijing. Other co-sponsors include China Enterprise Advance Technology Innovation and Promotion, China HAOHUA Chemical Industrial Group, Central Research Institute of Chemical Science and Technology, and Ministry of Chemical Industry.

Wells became a presence in China in 1989 with its first epoxy compound plant. Today, Wells owns seven plants all over China and is recognized as one of the top producers of resins for sealing, potting and binding of transformers, capacitors, electronic modules and electronic elements.

The conference will allow companies to present their products, as well as better understand the Chinese market and meet potential customers. Currently, more than 20 presentations from various companies and government research institutions are scheduled.

Presentations will cover topics such as application status and development prospects of general and specific epoxy resins; market analysis of epoxy resins; new techniques and products relating to adhesives, coatings, pouring materials, casting materials, plastic packaging materials and compound materials; and an introduction to new techniques and products on curing agents, accelerators, diluents, additives, modifiers and fillers.

For more information on presenting at or attending the conference, contact Gene Chu/Jackson You at 626-575-2886, fax 626-575-3183, or e-mail