Danner's Supreme Mag-Drive and Pondmaster utility pumps are used in ponds, aquariums and fountains.
When Danner Manufacturing, Inc., Islandia, N.Y., wanted to streamline the production of its magnetic-drive submersible water pumps, they turned to Liquid Control for help. Having previously purchased their equipment, Danner was confident that Liquid Control had both the knowledge and the experience to provide a cost-effective solution.

The patented Danner pump, which is sold under the Supreme Pondmaster Mag-Drive utility pump name, uses magnetic-drive technology to effectively power many filtration and pump applications. These submersible pumps, which do not have any bearings to rust or wear out, house copper-wire windings filled with epoxy. It is essential that the epoxy be air-free in order to have a reliable pump.

Liquid Control's Posiratio meter, mix and dispense system.
Danner Manufacturing needed a meter, mix and dispense system that could be integrated into its existing, custom-made XYZ motion platform. Liquid Control came through with a reliable system and technical support to make the integration seamless.

The Posiratio meter, mix and dispense system was employed to dispense 350-cc shots of completely air-free epoxy every 30 seconds. A 1:1 mix ratio of a two-part epoxy with a gel time of 1.5 hours is accurately dispensed via a Twinmixer automatic dispense valve. The material is kept separate until it reaches a disposable Posimixer motionless mixer.

The pump housing contains copper-wire windings filled with air-free epoxy.
Operators at Danner Manufacturing produce the pumps with their internal components and windings. The pumps are then placed 40-up into fixtures on custom-made carts and wheeled to a dispense station. When a cart reaches the dispense station, a proximity sensor communicates to the Posiratio epoxy dispensing system. This triggers a lock-and-cycle start sensor, and the Posiratio automatically dispenses air-free shots of epoxy into the pump housings. Once a manual operation, the dispensing cycle is now completely automatic.

With exceptionally reliable, low-cost and easy-to-use equipment, Liquid Control was able to provide a precision dispensing solution to fit the needs of its customer.

Click here for a PDF of our "2002 Guide to Dispensing and Curing Equipment."

Additional information on the PosiratioR meter, mix and dispense system is available from Liquid Control Corp., 8400 Port Jackson Ave., N.W., N. Canton, OH 44720; phone 330-494-1313; fax 330-494-5383; e-mail salesinfo@liquidcontrol.com; or visit the Web site www.liquidcontrol.com. Or Circle No. 74.