Prism eSolutions, LLC, Blue Bell, Pa., has introduced equationASP 2002.1(tm), the latest enhanced version of its hosted ISO 9000 Web-based platform designed to cut ISO 9000 implementation time and costs in half. Once ISO implementation is complete, equationASP becomes a permanent asset for maintaining a business-management system.

equationASP is a time- and cost-saving tool that enables companies to efficiently achieve ISO 9000 certification and gain a strong competitive advantage. Prism developed the new version of the tool to meet market demand as a result of market-research focus groups and interaction with quality-industry professionals and registrars.

New features built into equationASP v. 2002.1 include:

  • Project Flowchart -- Simplifies tasks into smaller steps to make navigating through the ISO process easier for users. Consisting of 10 modules, it works to simplify the front end of equationASP.

  • Maintenance and Improvement Module -- Provides the ability to make ongoing changes and improvements to the management system beyond certification.

  • Small-team environment implementation/upgrading option -- Allows smaller companies the same efficiencies as larger ones, but with fewer implementation teams. This provides an effective, collaborative team approach for implementing the management system.

  • Project status reporting capabilities/executive dashboard -- Enables companies to report individual project progress as well as overall company project progress in a graphic, easy-to-use format.

  • Spell Check -- Enables users to check all large-area text in the ISO 9000 system for spelling errors and inconsistencies.

  • Optional Pop-Up Calendar -- Provides a helpful tool for keeping projects and tasks on track so that the ISO 9000 implementation/

    upgrade runs as smoothly as possible.

    equationASP v. 2002.1 also maintains and improves functionality by enhancing the clarity and quality of documents. This helps organizations assure that documents remain accurate, up to date and concise throughout the life span of the ISO 9000 system.

    "With the arrival of equationASP v. 2002.1, companies have a complete arsenal for conquering the challenging ISO 9000 implementation process affordably and efficiently," says Mike DePasquale, president and COO of Prism eSolutions. "The beauty of equationASP is that the application is intuitive and can be used effectively by any size business or organization. As a result, more smaller companies are finally realizing that they don't have to be among the Fortune 500 to achieve ISO 9000 certification and experience its benefits."

    equationASP is a time- and cost-saving tool that enables companies to efficiently achieve ISO 9000 certification and gain a strong competitive advantage.

    No IT Investment or Resources Required

    Originally launched in April 2001, equationASP is a fully integrated, Web-based application that provides companies with an affordable and convenient way to get the ISO 9000 project support and training that they need with no IT investment or IT resources required for maintenance. The platform is managed by Prism at a secure, third-party facility, so just a computer terminal and Web browser are necessary to access the platform. (See fact sheet on page 29 for details). In addition, all document formats are supported in the application so industry standardization is not necessary.

    Other products included in Prism's equation(tm) line include:

  • equationNETT, which is licensed, installed and managed on a company's network behind secure firewalls. It's the ideal choice for larger companies with the IT equipment, support and requirement to run the application in-house. With equationNET, companies can leverage their existing infrastructure for complete system control.

  • equationASP 2000 Upgrade, a hosted platform that is specially designed to guide companies through the mandatory ISO 9001:2000 upgrade process. It is a mandatory requirement that all currently ISO-certified companies meet the revised ISO 9001:2000 requirement by December 15, 2003; otherwise, certification will be withdrawn. equationASP 2000 makes the upgrade process fast and easy. In addition, equationASP can successfully convert existing ISO-certified companies using paper documentation systems to effective paperless systems for savings that equal more than 50% of traditional administration and maintenance time and cost.

    Prism eSolutions, LLC is an international consulting, training and product company specializing in ISO 9000/QMS, ISO 14000/EMS, as well as other areas of strategic process and business improvement. Prism also provides Web-based support services for companies seeking ISO certification in the manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare and business-services sectors, as well as in the education community. The company delivers training, consulting and networked solutions in the areas of strategic process improvement; ISO quality management; ISO environmental management, internal auditing; gap analysis; and ISO continuous improvement and maintenance services.

    Fact Sheet

  • equationASP offers ISO 9000 certification in half the time and half the cost. User interface is user-friendly.

  • equationASP is the most comprehensive Web-based platform available today. It provides real value by integrating document, training, knowledge and project-management applications into a single platform to eliminate the hassle and costs of purchasing multiple software products from various vendors. It also streamlines communication and provides real-time collaboration tools. In fact, since equationASP is conveniently supported and maintained by Prism at a third-party facility, there is no up-front IT investment required, other than a computer terminal and Web browser.

  • equationASP offers a number of valuable, user-friendly enhancements, making the platform more convenient than ever before, featuring:

  • Prominent navigation buttons on all screens;

  • Searchable information boxes, which provide results that can be sorted by specific projects, steps, teams, authors, approval dates, expiration dates and other criteria;

  • An informative "Page Tips" section that explains the basic function of each page;

  • More direct Web links to all areas of the product; and

  • Personalization of each user's home page, so that each user can view his or her choice of contact information, ISO news and articles, local weather, stock quotes, and a 'my documents' area for easier access to most needed/used documentation.

  • equationASP also features a comprehensive, online training module with the recent addition of an Internal Auditor Training Course to simplify the auditing process. This important feature provides users with a guide to the ISO 9000 auditing requirements, as well as tools and techniques to conduct an ISO 9001:2000 implementation or upgrade audit. The Internal Auditor Training Course provides the training equivalent to 1 1/2 days of on-site, expert-led audit training.

    For more information, contact Prism eSolutions, 512 Township Line Road, 3 Valley Square, Suite 362, Blue Bell, Pa. 19422; phone 888-386-2330; fax 267-468-0199; or visit Or Circle NO. 72