The Tesa Tape Inc. EasySplice product technology is a result of meticulous research and development, as well as close cooperation with leading coated paper manufacturers and global equipment suppliers. The patented tesa "splitting strip" technology has allowed paper coaters to streamline and standardize splicing at efficiency levels not seen before 2001. The EasySplice FastLine is available in different sizes and adhesive formulations to match speeds, base sheet compositions, coating conditions, and drying temperatures for state-of-the-art coating lines and older models. The EasySplice FastLine Heat is the newest addition to the product line, with the adhesive formulation designed for high speed/high temperature floatation dryers. The EasySplice CoaterLine products were developed for narrow width and slower speed coating. The company's specialists provide training, troubleshooting, and on-going technical support to ensure that optimal splicing results are achieved. With EasySplice, the splicing process is no longer the problem area in off-machine coating at high speeds. The butt splicing tape assortment features labor-saving EasySplice WinderLine for making thin, strong butt splices. All tesa butt splice tapes are coatable and printable to prevent wet areas in coating processes and ink buildup in printing. Printers prefer these splices to traditional overlapped splices and overlapped-reinforced splices.

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