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    I am trying to find a supplier of adhesive dispensers that can be used with a variety of different types of adhesives. Are there suppliers of such universal dispensers?
You can find listings of dispensing and application equipment manufacturers in the December/

January Buyers' Guide issue of Adhesives & Sealants Industry magazine. But remember that each adhesive type has varying requirements of any adhesive-dispensing system. Multi-component adhesives require dispensing equipment specific to the unique needs of the particular adhesive you are using. Adhesives containing inorganic fillers require dispensers that do not contain gear pumps. Similarly, anaerobic adhesives generally require dispensers that utilize peristaltic pumps as opposed to metallic moving parts.

Although one can easily see the advantages of having a universal adhesive dispensing system, the vast array of chemistries used in adhesives forces users to consider these variables in selecting a suitable system. All the major dispensing equipment manufacturers can help you select the dispensing system that will best suit your specific requirements.


    I have recently discovered several adhesives suppliers that actually sell adhesives on the Internet, but haven't found these systems to be very easy to use and, quite frankly, don't see the advantages for me as a purchaser to buy this way. Every Web site I visit tells me that they have the best products, service, etc., but I am reluctant to abandon my loyal suppliers. How is all of this going to shake out?
If you have the answer to this question, you may well become a wealthy man. On a serious note, there are many companies currently offering adhesives for sale on the Internet, and the one thing that is certain is that you will see more participation as time goes by. We see more e-business every day.

Both suppliers and purchasers can find many potential advantages to doing transactions over the Internet. Certainly, there are significant transactional costs that can be reduced using electronic business. In some exchanges, buyers can search for products and even individual lots of material that meet their specific needs. Many exchanges offer certificates of analysis on specific batches of product. Some participants have offered auctions. There are even some opportunities to purchase off-spec materials at reduced prices if that fits your needs. It's even possible for suppliers to offer private exchanges with specific customers to meet the unique needs of that business relationship.

The subject is too complex to cover completely here, but there are many compelling logistic, technical and financial reasons e-business will eventually become very important to our industry. Keep your eye out for industry meetings and seminars featuring this topic. E-business can offer you many significant advantages over the traditional business-transaction process and can provide opportunities to add significant value to your business.