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I require an adhesive for sticking paper to tins.

I can only assume you mean applying labels to metal containers.

There are any number of adhesives and processes available to accomplish this. Basically, there are two types of labels that are commonly in use. One makes use of a pressure sensitive adhesive that is pre-applied to the label stock (usually in rolls), and the label is then applied to the individual container.

The other type of label is typically referred to as a "patch label," and as the name implies, is supplied pre-cut and stacked. It can be applied either by the pre-application of a pressure sensitive adhesive, or more commonly by using a water-based adhesive to apply the label to the container when required.

This latter process usually involves highly automated application equipment and typically is employed for very high-volume applications. For lower-volume applications, the more labor-intensive method of a pre-applied pressure sensitive label is often the most economical approach, despite the significantly higher cost of the label itself.


Is there a certain type of epoxy or compound, especially a one-part compound, that will adhere two pieces of polished granite together permanently for outdoor exposure?

Epoxies are recommended for such applications. However, they would all require some type of mechanical abrading of the surface in order to obtain a good bond.

Secondly, these products are two-component. I know of no one-component adhesive that might be used in this application, and would appreciate any suggestions from our readers. There are one-component epoxies - even supplied as reactive films - but they require refrigeration in shipping and storage before use and are somewhat expensive. They are generally not used in the type of application you describe.

Other adhesive types that could possibly be used in your application may not be good for outdoor exposure. For instance, a one-component cyanoacrylate might be used to bond polished granite, but the exposure to outside moisture, as well as vibration, would not make it a good choice.


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