BEDFORD, OH – Nova Films & Foils Inc. recently completed a move to a new 35,000 square foot facility in Bedford, OH. With new management and extensive equipment upgrades, Nova is positioned to serve the foil and adhesive coated markets with much improved speed, quality, and innovative product constructions. Additionally, an expanded sales service staff can rapidly respond to customer inquiries.

Nova specializes in waterborne plastic films along with high-performance double-coated and adhesive transfer tapes. Its large coater can handle up to 62” wide webs, while its 27” coater is ideal for specialty materials, pilot runs and coating. Extensive slitting and sheeting capabilities allow Nova to provide wide coated rolls as well as narrow tapes down to 3/8”.

In the late 1980s, National Films & Foils was incorporated to supply both the unsupported foil and industrial pressure-sensitive tape markets. National purchased a 60” wide reverse roll adhesive coater and began specializing in unsupported adhesive transfer film. Within a short time, the company had become the primary supplier of adhesive transfer tape to Moore Plastics, which was subsequently sold to Dexter Automotive in Kansas City, MO. National also developed a line of double-coated tapes for the foam and gasket industry. Because of existing expertise within the company and some unique finishing equipment, National also provided an extensive line of precision slit unsupported metal foils, but with the emphasis remaining on the adhesive coating. In 1995, National purchased additional equipment consisting of a 30” coater and high performance slitter. This allowed the company the freedom of doing trial runs and highly specialized coatings.

In 2001, National was purchased by its current owners and its name was changed to Nova Films & Foils. Among other changes were substantial upgrades of all equipment, fabrication of an offline laminator, broadening of the product line and the move to the new facility in Bedford.

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