ViscoTec Asia recently announced that it has completed its move to a new facility, which includes increased office space and approximately 50% more lab space for testing and training. The facility’s larger meeting room gives ViscoTec Asia the ability to host meetings such as distributor meetings and training sessions for customers. In addition, increased storage space for stock reportedly means that the company has more space available to store goods and shorten delivery times.

“When we started to think about the expansion it was our utmost priority making sure we have a good space for our business partners to come and make trials and to learn about ViscoTec,” said Melvyn Teo, managing director at ViscoTec Asia. “The industries are very fast moving, and we are also learning from time to time with more challenging applications, materials and requirements. Frequently new findings and understanding are made in the test lab. With our bigger office, our colleagues will also find ample room to implement new ideas into their daily work. It is going to be very exciting for us in this new home as we know we will have more to offer and do better in all aspects.”

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