Ashby Cross has introduced a version of their 1125 Variable Ratio meter, mix and dispense system that controls shot size by encoder. Accurate amounts can be dispensed with a high degree of repeatability from sub-gram to large volumes. The controller includes a batch counter, which provides an accounting of the production. The controller also allows operators to change shot size through a keypad on the console. The 1125 Variable ratio meter, mix system uses piston metering to proportion two component materials such as epoxy, urethane or silicone into the correct ratio. Once proportioned, the system automatically mixes and dispenses on demand. This unit is capable of processing chemical formulations with ratios ranging from 1:1 through 8:1 by volume. Either unfilled or highly abrasive formulations can be processed. The unit makes use of hardened wetted components for longevity and reduced maintenance.

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