DEK recently announced its latest flagship machine for advanced SMT pre-placement. With an industry-leading cycle time of less than seven seconds, and total process Cpk 2.0 at ± 20µm, Europa delivers the next level of speed, accuracy, repeatability and productivity. According to Rich Heimsch, president of DEK International, Europa's specification sheet describes the performance customers can expect during actual production. "Europa's Cpk 2.0 at ± 20µm is the figure for true paste on pad repeatability, measured after a full wet print cycle. Many specifications quote fiducial alignment capability only, but it's paste on pad repeatability that delivers where it counts. And with the fastest throughput in the business, too, it's untouchable." Exclusive to the DEK Micron class platforms, Europa features the DEK Interactiv user interface, with graphical TimeToGo indications for consumable replenishment, plus extensive on-board help and error recovery. Insinctiv allows operators to increase productivity with less training, maximize uptime, and assess and optimize complex processes. Instinctiv also links to DEK's web-based Interactiv support services that provide direct operator access to DEK's knowledge servers. The sophisticated software contains tutorials on setup, process optimization, maintenance, and application issues, and also supports voice communication to DEK's global helpdesk service, enabling operators to obtain support 24/7.

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