Dow Chemical Canada Inc. has announced that that the global Epoxy Products and Intermediates business has decided to close its epoxy production facility in Sarnia, Ontario, on August 1. The facility produces solid epoxy resins and DERAKANE epoxy vinyl ester resins. "This decision was made after a very thorough review process," says Patrick Ho, business vice president for Epoxy Products & Intermediates (EP&I) at Dow. "After seeing the need for some consolidation of our production facilities worldwide, we looked at all of our epoxy plants. We took into account our global supply chain, production levels for each plant, access to raw materials and a variety of other factors. Based on that review, we came to the difficult decision that we needed to close the Sarnia epoxy facility." The Sarnia facility currently supplies customers in North America and Asia Pacific. Due to changing global market dynamics, the facility is underutilized and currently produces approximately 3,500 MT/year (7.7 MM lbs) of D.E.R. solid epoxy resins and 2,000 MT/year (4.4 MM lbs) of DERAKANE resins, according to Ho.

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