Rapra's new Polymer Publications Catalogue 2005/6 provides details of the company's extensive list of publications that encompass polymer science, practical processing technology and properties and applications of the polymeric materials. Rapra books provide relevant and valuable information for professionals working within the polymer industry and across the industries that use polymers, such as the medical, automotive, packaging, electrical, and construction sectors. A selection of recently published titles illustrates the comprehensive range of subjects covered by Rapra publications: Clay-Containing Polymeric Nanocomposites - a key reference on a developing technology; Practical Guide to Polyethylene - materials, properties, processing and design options; Handbook of Polymers in Construction - insight into current and future uses of polymers in this sector; and Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers - a complete guide to this topical subject.

To download the Rapra Polymer Publications Catalogue 2005/6, visit http://www.polymer-books.com. For more information, e-mail publications@rapra.net.