A new glue-dispensing system from Colonial Saw, Inc. increases productivity through the fast, consistent and precise application of glues for a variety of assembly operations. Easily cleaned, the Swiss-made Lamello LK system keeps glue ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for glue pots, bottles and brushes. Once pressurized, the LK's stainless steel tank (available with 3-, 5-, or 10-kg capacity) maintains its entire volume of glue at the proper viscosity until the inner glue bag is depleted. Other components of the system include a pressure gauge; a safety valve; a pump hose; an adjustable instant-flow, non-drip applicator pistol; a pointed nozzle; and a cleaning kit. For woodworking, more than 100 other detachable nozzles are also available to match every type of edge, groove, joint or face. Some nozzles adjust to different widths. Custom nozzles are also available.

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