Raising the bar on innovation and environmental safety, Henkel has announced its official sponsorship of Momentum, the University of Michigan's (U of M) eighth-generation solar car team. Momentum is one of the most advanced, diverse and cohesive student projects undertaken at U of M. The goal is to design, finance, build and race the best solar-powered vehicle possible. As a sponsor, Henkel not only offers quality materials and financial backing, but also provides technical advice and product input as the team designs and assembles its racecar. Momentum is designed to run in two different solar car races. The first is the North American Solar Challenge, July 17, 2005. This race across the continental U.S. is open to any North American college or university solar car team. The second race is the Australian World Solar Challenge, Sept. 25, 2005. This race across the Australian Outback is open to any corporate, collegiate or private solar car team. Past victories in these races have provided U of M with a reputation for excellence in solar car racing.