appli-tec, a provider of ready-to-use adhesives, encapsulants and sealants, is currently marketing and selling an 8-Minute General Purpose Shock Absorbing Epoxy, 5432, for use in such applications as affixing metal to concrete, concrete to concrete, filling gaps or fastening two dissimilar materials. The two-component, thixotropic epoxy achieves an initial bond in less than 10 minute and is hard to the touch in less than an hour. It is economically dispensed from the company's 1:1 ratio dual-pac adhesives package, said company CEO Timothy W. Walsh. "Customers are very excited about this product," Walsh said. "It was developed to meet the demanding requirements of those who were previously unable to find an adequate bonding solution using competitive products. Its high performance, coupled with a very competitive price, makes this product a real winner," he added. "Unlike other fast-curing epoxies, appli-tec's 5432 High Strength 8-Minute Epoxy maintains its toughened strength with age. It is also ideal for outdoor applications since it is resistant to ultraviolet light. End users have also reported typical savings of 20 percent using the 5432 High Strength 8-Minue Epoxy instead of other bonding solutions," Walsh said.

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