Gorilla Glue has captured the award for highest quality as rated by professional builders in Builder magazine's 2004 Brand Use Study. Conducted by an independent research firm, Builder collected feedback from over 2,000 professional residential builders to determine the products they recognize most, use most and rate highest in quality. Gorilla Glue topped the charts for quality in the caulks and sealants category, besting 23 industry competitors. Originally used as an industrial adhesive for tough-to-glue materials, today Gorilla Glue is the first adhesive of its kind to bring its amazing industrial-strength sticking power to consumers. "Gorilla Glue is just as good for the professional builder as it is for the weekend handyman," says Dough Roach, director of marketing at Gorilla Glue. "It's a professional grade product that nearly anyone who has broken anything can use with confidence. We're thrilled to win this award and are proud to bring such a reliable, high-quality product into the marketplace." Gorilla Glue is a completely new technology that allows users to soundly glue materials that traditional adhesives - like instant glues and duct tapes - were never able to secure before. Unlike instant glues, which are fast-curing, brittle and don't work on many surfaces, Gorilla Glue is a versatile, 100% waterproof adhesive that can bond wood, stone, metal, ceramics, foam board, and more.

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