Roo Products Inc.’s newest product, EcoClear, has been named one of the best new eco-products for 2009 byNatural Homemagazine.

EcoClear is an all-purpose, environmentally friendly adhesive that contains no formaldehyde and emits no VOCs. It can be used for building and construction projects, crafts, and home repairs, and it is ideal for use on difficult-to-bond substrates, such as metal, plastic, glass, or ceramics.

“Our goal was to create the most environmentally friendly adhesive on the market,” said Sheryl Southwell, president of Roo Products. “In addition, we made sure that the glue formed a very strong bond. Users can be confident that the glue is safe and it works.”

EcoClear appeared in the January/February issue ofNatural Homes, and was named one of the top 10 new environmentally friendly products for 2009.

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