Week of 1/16/06

I&J FISNAR: Manual Pail Pump

The model 560092B manual pail pump is an inexpensive solution to extracting bulk viscous materials like grease and paste from 5 gal (19 liter) straight-walled pails. The pump makes it easy to bottom-fill 2.5, 6, 8 or 12 oz. cartridges and 3cc to 55cc luer lock syringes. This method prevents any air from being trapped in the syringe or cartridge. An internal follower-plate ensures that most material is used. Once filled, the syringe or cartridge can be used with an automatic dispenser, such as the model JB1113.

For more information, visit http://www.ijfisnar.com , call (201) 796-1477 or e-mail info@ijfisnar.com .

LIQUID CONTROL: Dispensing Valve

This company's new 1053 Micro Melt precision valve utilizes proven rod displacement meting technology, providing extreme flow rate repeatability and accuracy from part to part. Depending on metering rod selection, the valve is capable of dispensing volumes from 0.002 to 3.6 cc's of material. A servo drive motor allows for bead extrusion as small as 1 mm in diameter for the smallest of bonding applications. Individual closed-loop heat zones throughout the dispensing system optimize the hot melt/PUR temperature from the on-board feed cartridge to the metering rod and out to the point of dispense, while protecting the adhesive from being overheated and prematurely aged. Maximum processing temperature is 375°F.

For more information, visit http://www.liquidcontrol.com or e-mail salesinfo@liquidcontrol.com .

MOYNO: Metering Pump

The Moyno® Metering Pump was designed for economical and efficient performance when metering low-flow liquids in a wide range of processing applications, including dosing, sampling, and metering. The progressing cavity design of the Metering Pump results in a smooth flow free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume. This prevents material waste or mixture imbalance. The Metering Pump is available in bare-shaft, close-coupled and motorized configurations. All models are capable of handling a wide variety of fluids, from clean, clear liquids to abrasive, corrosive fluids, solids in suspension and viscous materials.

For more information, visit http://www.moyno.com .


The new Servo-Flo® 105 Variable-Ratio Meter System is ideal for automated, robotic or manual dispensing applications. This dual-servomotor dispensing system allows variable dispense rates and easy adjustment of material ratios without costly mechanical equipment alterations. The system's operator interface control quickly sets output flow rates and adjusts material ratios. It allows for changing material cure time or durometer, selecting a supplier's batch variation or alternate formulation, and changing material types (i.e. epoxy, silicone or urethane) or material brands. With positive rod displacement metering, the new Servo-Flo 105 system dispenses precision volumetric shots or precise bead profiles. Flow rates are varied on-ratio during the dispense cycle to provide different shot flows, bead diameters and tip speeds.

For more information, visit http://www.SealantEquipment.com or e-mail sales@sealantequipment.com .

SMTA: Online Resource

The information presented in the newly established resource on smta.org for Environmental Compliance & Lead-Free Technology includes an event listing, related links, and technical resources the SMTA offers, such as technical articles in the Knowledge Base and reference books available in the Bookstore. The event listing features SMTA activities at the local, national and international level that focus on environmental compliance and lead-free technology, or that have a significant portion dedicated to the topic. The related links include further information to legislation for the RoHS/WEEE/EU Directive, industry organizations similar to SMTA involved in environmental compliance and lead-free technology, and prominent industry company websites.

For more information, visit http://www.smta.org , call (952) 920-7682 or e-mail joann@smta.org .