(Week of 11/7/05)

LAMART CORP.: Post-Mask Tape

SW200 Removable is a tape specially designed for applications where ultra-low removable pressure-sensitive adhesive is desired. This self-wound tape serves as a protective film when used as a post-mask in die-cut operations to facilitate waste removal from a substrate. The process also ensures cleaner removal of punched waste, as well as eliminates, or lessens, the need for vacuum removal of ambient dust or other airborne contaminants. The tape is available in widths up to 54". Properties include peel strength of 4-8 oz/inch of width, breaking strength of 40 lbs./inch of width, and an elongation at break of 100%.

NYLOK CORP.: Chemical Fastener Adhesives

PRECOTE® chemical fastener adhesives offer excellent vibration-resistant locking and sealing properties for a range of internal and external fastener applications. PRECOTE is the industry's only duo-microencapsulated thread adhesive and, therefore, will not prematurely harden due to chemical reactions of moisture and/or solvent penetration. The adhesives are ideal for automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and other high-tech industries since they eliminate the need for additional locking devices. They also significantly reduce labor costs by eliminating in-house application of adhesives, which is often messy and inconsistent.

For more information, visit http://www.nylok.com .

PERMATEX: Anaerobic Adhesives

Permatex® now offers a complete line of durable retaining compounds designed to provide a secure bond for non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies. The adhesives permit relaxed machining tolerances on press or slip-fitted parts and produce joints that can be up to five times stronger than conventional heavy press fits. Permatex bonding adhesives offer manufacturers and maintenance professionals some of the most reliable assemblies possible for a range of applications. At the same time, they offer the additional advantage of helping reduce the size, weight and number of parts needed for production assembly.

For more information, visit http://www.permatex.com .

SCAPA: Medical Transfer Adhesive

Scapa medical has introduced new Bioflex® Rx734U, a cross-hatch patterned medical-grade acrylic transfer adhesive used in high-performance medical applications. For direct skin applications, such as dressings, wound care, surgical drapes and medical device attachment, this adhesive is applied to medical nonwovens and delivers improved breathability, fluid transmission and moisture vapor transmission. Rx734U features a 0.5 mil aggressive, high-tack, high-peel medical-grade acrylic adhesive that bonds well to a variety of substrates. The product is supplied with a 76# polycoated release liner and is available at full and slit widths.

For more information, visit http://www.scapamedical.com/ .

SISU CHEMICAL LLC: Water-Based Adhesives

This company has announced the introduction of two new water-based adhesives developed for transdermal patches and medical tapes. Both can be used as an alternative to solvent-based adhesives where long-term adhesion properties are desired. Scibond 134 is a vinyl-acetate/acrylate emulsion polymer, while Scibond 159 is an all-acrylic version. Both have passed skin-sensitivity testing and have demonstrated excellent resistance to moisture. They have also shown low interaction with drug delivery systems used in transdermal patches.

For more information, call (919) 831-2246 or e-mail info@sisuchemsales.com .