New Products (Week of 11/28/05)

ADCHEM CORP.: Acrylic Adhesive Tape

The New 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape System combines quick-stick properties similar to rubber-based systems with the temperature performance of an acrylic adhesive system. 353M is engineered for numerous substrate-bonding applications involving low-energy systems and challenging foams, such as cross-linked polyethylene, low perms, ethers, and esters. In order to maximize performance and optimize economics, 353M incorporates a differential caliper coating of 1.7 mils on the exposed side and 1.3 mils on the liner side, with typical peel values of 72 oz. per inch width on the exposed side and 64 ox. Per inch width on the liner side. This product also features a formaldehyde-free composition and complies with RHOS requirements. Several liner options, including 55 lb densified Kraft, 74 lb. polycoated paper, 12 pt. Board, and a 2-mil PET liner, are available.

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ASHBY CROSS: Level Sensor

Ashby Cross has announced the introduction of a non-contact level sensor for use with closed or covered non-metallic containers. The adjustable sensor provides indication of a low level in a reservoir that eliminates the risk of running dry. Indicators can include a local console with audible and visual alarms, or the standard light pole with alarm. Ideally suited for 5-gallon pails, this unit will operate on most non-metallic containers, including drums, totes and other storage containers. Used in conjunction with adhesive reservoirs, the sensor prevents air from entering dispensing equipment.

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INTERPOLYMER CORP.: Floor-Finish Polymer

This company has announced the introduction of a new polymer for high-solids durable floor finishes with superior scuff and scratch resistance. When properly formulated, Megatran® 233 produces very durable floor finish formulations that feature excellent gloss characteristics and require very little maintenance. Due to high solids content, formulations based on the patented Megatran 233 polymer require fewer coats than are needed with conventional lower-solids formulations. This translates into reduced labor costs while achieving the same glossy, tough finishes typically obtained with several extra coats of lower-solids formulations.

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Scapa 572 and 573 are two highly conformable polyester films single-coated with a silicone adhesive for aerospace and industrial surface protection applications. Formulated to resist high temperatures and remove easily from a range of substrates, these polyester tapes are ideal for metal and plastic composite fabrication and flash removal. Scapa 572 features a heavy duty 2.0 mil polyester carrier, single coated with a high-temperature silicone adhesive. The product's polyester carrier adds dimensional stability and delivers high elongation and tensile strength. Scapa 573 consists of a thinner 1.0 mil polyester carrier and features a silicone adhesive that resists temperatures up to 400°F, as well as many chemical. The high tack and shear strength of this silicone adhesive ensures a consistent bond to a variety of substrates.

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TYCO ADHESIVES: Flashing Tapes

This company's Nashua series of flashing tapes includes SBS asphalt, modified butyl and premium butyl rubber adhesives coated onto tear-resistant facers. Nashua General Purpose (GP) B25 uses a polyolefin film coated with a proven SBS asphalt adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to most clean, dry building materials and a permanent weathertight seal in a variety of conditions. Nashua Select is manufactured with polymeric film and the newly introduced modified butyl rubber sealant, providing a permanent weatherproof seal for window, door and other vertical installations, such as decks, corner board abutments and electrical outlets. Nashua OptiFlash is manufactured with a premium butyl rubber adhesive coated onto polymeric film or foil faces; this product's exceptional thermal stability makes it ideal for applications exposed to high heat or UV, such as deserts, mountains or metal roofs. And Nashua Contour is a tear-resistant, cross-laminated film that stretches up to 200 percent of its original length, delivering a waterproof seal for complex angles in window and door installations.

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