Week of 11/21/05

BEMATEK SYSTEMS INC.: In-Line Sanitary Mixer

The Bematek LZ-Series Hi-Shear In-Line Mixer features a patented mixing head with up to 12 "shear action" zones consisting of high-speed rotors and stators that can produce shear rates of 200,000 per second each. Suitable for batch and continuous processes, this mixer can process up to 1,200 GPM with repeatability to +/-1%, depending upon ingredients. Also, all product passes through the mixing head, cutting process time by up to 80%. Providing tighter and more uniform particle size distribution than conventional mixers, the modular shear-action zone design of the LZ-Series facilitates scale-up from laboratory to production requirements. USDA-, FDA- and 3A-compliant, it is constructed from 316L stainless steel and can be powered by single-phase or 3-phase.

For more information, visit http://www.bematek.com , call (978) 927-2179 or e-mail draimo@bematek.com .

BINKS: Fluid Pumps

The Binks EXEL Pump line, available in four models, was designed to meet the industry's demand for durability and dependability, while also delivering significantly more fluid than other horizontally opposed pumps at the same rate of air consumption. The unique design of the pumps allows them to fun for very long periods with virtually no maintenance or downtime. The EXEL pumps come standard with hard chrome-plated stainless-steel pistons with pressure-loaded wiper seals, no-spring pilot valves, a choice or aluminum or stainless steel wetted parts, and are floor-, wall-, or drum-mountable. Designed for durability, EXEL pumps last longer and require less maintenance than other horizontally opposed pumps. They are self-priming, very accessible for parts replacement, and provide cartridge and spool valves that are easily unbolted for service. These reliability features translate into less maintenance and downtime, and longer wear part service life.

For more information, visit http://www.binks.com .

NOVACEL: Adhesive Film

Novacel has announced the availability of Novacel 9377, the first adhesive film without solvent specifically designed to protect car bodies during transport and storage. Novacel 9377 features a 60 µm adhesive film with a polyolefin basis that effectively protects car bodies from external aggressors (acid rain, tool marks) for up to six months. This product can be customized to include a company's logo or trademark, advertising message, or technical message upon request. It is supplied in rolls of 650 ft. with widths ranging anywhere between 1 1/5" and 110".

For more information, visit http://www.novacel.fr or e-mail novacel@chargeurs-protective.com .

SCAPA: PVC Foam Tapes

Scapa 3279 and 3289 tapes consist of a high-temperature PVC foam of different thickness that is coated on once surface with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3279 uses the standard acrylic adhesive used on Scapa's range of PVC foam tapes, while 3289 has a high-tack acrylic adhesive system. Unlike standard PVC foam tapes from this company, 3279 and 3289 perform at temperatures up to 125°C, similar to polyurethane foam tapes. Both products bond to most surfaces, such as painted metals, aluminum and molded plastic parts, with 3289 demonstrating excellent bonding on powder-coated, irregular and difficult-to-bond surfaces.

For more information, visit http://www.scapaautomotive.com or e-mail automotive@scapa.com .

TRA-CON INC.: Epoxy Adhesive

TRA-DUCT 921U02 is a silver, medium-viscosity epoxy adhesive with a high glass-transition temperature and a working life of three months that can be cured in only 30 minutes at 150°C or more slowly at lower temperatures. Its relatively low heat-cure makes this adhesive perfect for many applications with strict pot life and conductivity requirements. Its high Tg also makes it useful for applications with high operating temperatures. 921U02 is available premixed and frozen in syringes, or in Tra-Con's convenient bipax packaging.

For more information, visit http://www.tra-con.com or call (800) TRA-CON1.