What's New (Week of 11/14/2005)

CHARTWELL INTERNATIONAL INC.: Adhesion Promoters and Silanes

The discovery of performance synergies between selected metal organic adhesion promoters and silanes has led to the development of three high-performance super adhesion promoter blends useful for enhancing bonding to metals, concrete, wood, and plastic films. CSA-571HR-A is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR (aminofunctional) and diamino silane. CSE-571HR-T is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR and epoxy functional silane. Both products are intended for use in 2K epoxy/2K PU and most WB acrylic and PUD. BSE-12HT is a blend of Chartwell B-515.1/2H (amino functional) and epoxy silane intended for use in phenolics, 2K epoxy and 2K PU.

For more information, visit http://www.chartwellintl.com , call (508) 695-1690 or e-mail info@chartwellintl.com .

MACTAC: Appliance Sell Sheet

To educate converters and OEMs on the advantages of using pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in appliance construction, this company has issued a new appliance sell sheet. The brochure offers readers illustrated diagrams of MACtac's double-coated and transfer tape constructions, as well as sample illustrations outlining where PSA tapes can provide benefits in the appliance construction process. The sell sheet also provides a look at the individual MACtac tape families (MACbond®, MACmount®, MACfilm® and GS Series) recommended for use in appliance manufacturing, and a description of the tape characteristics, applications, and benefits.

For more information, visit http://www.MACtac.com , call (800) 328-2619 or e-mail MACtactechnical@bemis.com .

NORDSON CORP.: Adhesive Melters

New ProBlue 15-, 30- and 50-liter adhesive melters deliver enhanced flexibility, reliability, durability, and performance to high-speed and high-volume packaging applications, including beverage, sift proof, tray forming and wrap-around case sealing. ProBlue melters use intuitive graphic controls and status-at-a-glance indicators for continuously updated system and temperature monitoring. All service can be performed from the front of the melter, simplifying installation and daily operations. Patented Saturn® basket-style disposable filters eliminate routine filter flushing. Automatic pressure discharge, a large tank opening with 3-sided access and expandable hose and gun capability improve operator safety and reduce adhesive waste and changeover time.

For more information, visit http://www.nordson.com or call (800) 683-2314.

SARTOMER CO.: Elastomer Compounders Technical Booklet

Elastomer Cure Concepts, Volume IX, a 20-page technical booklet, provides compounders with the necessary data to improve the processing and performance of their elastomer systems using Sartomer's specialty rubber additives and other specialty chemicals. Article topics featured in the booklet include: Improving Properties of HXNBR/HNBR Blends with Coagents; Improved Activation of Sulfur Vulcanization; The Versatility of (Meth)acrylates in Peroxide-Cured Thermoplastic Elastomer Vulcanizates; and more.

For more information, visit http://www.sartomer.com or call (800) SARTOMER.

UV PROCESS SUPPLY: Equipment Maintenance Manual

UV curing can be a challenging, complicated endeavor - especially when things aren't going as planned. The answer to `why isn't this working?' can be an overwhelming one when ongoing preventative maintenance hasn't been a priority. To help users figure out what they need to do to avoid breakdowns in their UV curing processes, this company has developed the Maintaining UV Curing Equipment manual. Topics covered in the manual include: UV lamp maintenance and measurement; proper reflector/UV lamp cleaning; replacement part inventory; system component cleaning; proper record keeping; and more. The Maintaining UV Curing Equipment manual is available free of charge.

For more information, visit http://www.uvprocess.com/manuals , call (800) 621-1296 or e-mail info@uvps.com .