Uhing "rolling ring" drives now feature two design options for fine adjustment of linear speed, neither of which requires electronic controls or programming. A control lever/dial provides 100 discrete settings, permitting changes to the drive's linear pitch (distance traveled per shaft revolution) in 0.01-inch increments. Alternatively, for applications requiring more precision, a worm gear design allows users to adjust pitch by turning a control knob attached to a threaded rod, which bypasses individual pitch settings to provide virtually unlimited fine-tuning of linear speed. Fine tuning linear speed without having to change the drive motor rotational speed minimizes control requirements and simplifies machine design. Both the lever and worm gear options are available for all seventeen sizes of Uhing drives. Rolling ring drives are used in machines requiring smooth, backlash-free linear motion for applications such as moving measuring probes, spreading/coating processes, guiding spray heads, laying wire/cable onto spools, and for controlling the linear movement of various other tools and equipment. A Uhing linear drive system operates on a smooth, threadless shaft that resists clogging and jamming. Both travel direction and linear pitch are controlled mechanically - without clutches, cams or gears.

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