Uhing "rolling ring" drives, used in spray applicators and coating machines, are now available from Amacoil, Inc. with an H-lever option that provides accurate slow down and ramp-up to linear speed independent of motor speed. For reciprocating linear motion in production machinery requiring deceleration prior to reversal followed by gradual acceleration after reversal, the H-lever is an inexpensive alternative to clutches, cams and gears. Instead of adjusting linear speed with electronic controls and programming, the H-lever is a purely mechanical device that pivots the rolling ring bearings inside the drive to decrease or increase linear speed. Process engineers wishing to eliminate sudden stops and starts from linear motion will find the H-lever a simple solution that does not complicate design. Available separately for retrofit or as part of a new Uhing rolling ring assembly, the H-lever option is configurable to meet specific application requirements. Amacoil application engineers are available to assist with drive selection.

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