Zymet has introduced a new reworkable BGA underfill encapsulant, CN-1453. It is a silica filled version of the company's earlier CN-1432, so it has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion of 45 ppm/degrees C, making the product suitable for more demanding applications. Unlike flip chips, BGAs are not normally encapsulated. However, in applications where components must survive shock or vibration tests, such as in mobile phones or other handheld devices (military electronics), an underfill encapsulant is used. Since the value of the assembly can be quite high, reworkability of the encapsulant is critical for removal and replacement of a faulty BGA. CN-1453 has a viscosity of 7500 cps at room temperature, making it very easy to dispense. It is also fast-flowing, capable of flowing a distance of 18 mm - with only a single-side dispense - in as little as 20 seconds.

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