Flexicon, Inc. now offers Flexi 6648, a new foil laminate ideally suited for overwrapping materials (such as towelettes and gauze) impregnated with liquids and lotions. Flexi 6648 features PET/foil/clear PE. The structure offers superior moisture vapor and oxygen permeability, which are key performance characteristics for liquid-saturated products. Additionally, the laminate has been engineered for superior sealing and machinability. This enables optimum production speeds, thereby maximizing plant efficiency. Further, the structure holds up to many of the additives/ingredients encountered in these application types. Flexicon's investment in a new press enables printing of up to 10 colors-a key advantage for those marketing more visually competitive products such as cosmetic towelettes, baby wipes, etc. Flexi 6648 is suitable for a variety of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, health and beauty aids, and toiletries and cosmetics industries. Specific product types include cosmetic wipes, antiseptic pads, facial towelettes, baby wipes, Unna boots (medical gauze), and more.

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