RS Industrial, Inc.'s Dry Glue product TacAll requires no equipment to apply, provides instant adhesion and contains no VOCs. TacAll allows the user to apply a specific amount of adhesive within the confines of a pre-selected area to be glued. The user gets the exact amount without bleed-through or squeeze-out. It can be manufactured in patch form up to 72 inches wide, 60 mils thick and in continuous or pre-selected lengths. For example, TacAll can be made in a specific size to fit a four by eight foot sheet of plywood, or made in a patch as small as a quarter inch square that is 2 mils thick. This 21st century product employs pure, pressure-sensitive adhesive films in the form of Pre-Engineered Adhesive Patches (PEAP) Technology, producing an effective alternative to traditional fastening methods such as staples, plastic, tape and thread, and can reduce the use of screws and nails in non-structured applications.