Henkel's new Loctite 5810 Polyacrylate Sealant combines the benefits of liquid silicone and anaerobic gaskets for a 56 percent improved permeation resistance over traditional sealants. The unique properties of the sealant help OEMs and suppliers cut costs, improve reliability and meet governmental regulations. Loctite 5810 Polyacrylate Sealant also improves permeation resistance to oil/fuel vapors to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations for vehicles. The new sealant delivers one complete solution to a number of complex powertrain challenges by providing a more durable seal for automotive engine, transmission and driveline applications at up to 95 percent lower material cost than conventional molded gaskets. Henkel's R&D group in Rocky Hill, CT, developed the new product with significant input from OEMs and suppliers. The result of this collaboration is a sealant that delivers excellent manufacturing flexibility, demonstrates good resistance to powertrain fluids and ensures a strong seal.